About us

QuantRes is a worldwide investment management firm. It is a quantitative investment management company whose trading decisions are guided by models developed from scientific research and mathematical analysis.

The company trades on over 80 global markets with a variety of asset classes across the equity fields. The firm was launched 29 years ago with $1 million and has assets of $XXX billion under development. QuantRes is a global player with offices all over the world.

How we trade

We explore massive quantities of data, from every imaginable angle, in the process revealing hidden, but profitable market inefficiencies.

Preferring return over risk and managed in real time, each of our strategies takes into account every current and future expected position, adjusting automatically to market volatility.

Independent of risk aversion, a maximized Sharpe Ratio opens up a new frontier of possible decisions. Equivalent to both a signal-to-noise ratio and a maximum certainty equivalent, it assumes finite minimum and maximum utility, as well as normally distributed future profits.


We are a diverse multidisciplinary team of 25 members composed of some of the brightest talent, located across the world.

Our success is attributed to the disciplined trading approach, relentless drive to research new and existing ideas, and the focus and dedication of this dynamic team.